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Areas Hypnotherapy can be applied are endless and include :

Hypnosis is especially effective with children


"I lost my husband suddenly a couple of years ago and found myself sinking into a deep depression, which only got deeper and darker. I was referred to Sallie Albertina by a friend who had seen her for something else and, as a result, Ms Albertina was highly recommended to me. Not only did Sallie help me through my grief, she guided me to successfully lift my depression and feel good about life again". Laura, Rancho Mirage, CA

"My fear of flying is now a thing of the past! Thank you, Sallie for your caring hypnotherapy sessions and your calming presence". Jim, Indian Wells, CA

"Sallie Albertina helped me to calm my nervousness in taking a very important examination.
I passed with good marks thanks to my hypnotherapy sessions with Sallie". Terrie, Joshua Tree, CA

"Thank you so much, Sallie. My life is so much better now that you have lifted me out of my depression. I would recommend your services to anyone in this situation". Melissa, Portland, OR

"Sallie Albertina has been a miracle worker. I have had sleepless nights for years, constantly worrying about this and that. My sessions with you and the use of your CD before sleep have solved my insomnia. Hypnotherapy actually works!" Carl, BC, Canada

"Sallie Albertina helped me to finally conquer a fear of flying that was restricting my life both work wise and socially. After only three sessions I was able to board a flight for Chicago and return to San Francisco a few days later feeling calm, relaxed and free from any fear. I have subsequently flown without anxiety both domestically and abroad many times and for this I attribute the skillful and gentle hypnotherapy sessions I received from Sallie". Julie, Palm Springs, CA

"The first time I went to the office of Ms Albertina, I was a one pack a day smoker, after only a few sessions I literally became a non-smoker. That was two years ago and I am proud to say I have not smoked since and better yet, have had no desire to". Rob, Cathedral City, CA

"I lost 18 lbs with the hypnotherapy way. It was painless and has helped me maintain a new healthy way of life. I feel great. Thank you Sallie!" Ann, Sarasota, FL

"After a decade long experience with moderate depression, Sallie Albertina has been able to bring inner peacefulness and self-control to my higher "self". This has been, for me, a great accomplishment and allowed me to begin a new more enjoyable journey in life". Tom, Palm Desert, CA

"At eleven years of age my son still suffered from bed-wetting. After learning that Hypnosis could help this condition I took him to see Sallie Albertina. Sensitive to his embarrassment and stress over this problem, within a short time Sallie helped my son to overcome this and awake each morning to a dry bed. An enormous relief both to myself and my son". Sophie, London, UK

"I was persuaded by my boyfriend to make an appointment with Sallie Albertina to see if I could stop biting my nails, I was skeptical that this would work. It did. That was three years ago and my nails are now long and painted". Lindy, La Quinta, CA

"Thank you Sallie for sharing your boundless healing energy and unconditional positive regard. You have such a talent for touching the places that need to be healed and then creating the space to let it happen". Liana, LV, NV