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Hypnosis is especially effective with children


Stress is a natural response to the challenges of our everyday life. It is a reaction, both mental and physical, to demands put upon us by ourselves, by others and by situations.

If the stress we experience is too frequent, extreme or prolonged our health is ultimately affected. If stress is not checked serious medical problems can develop. The cause of many illnesses, diseases and malady’s in today’s world are triggered by stress.

Stress causes energy to fester. This energy can be used positively or negatively. The choice is ours.

Whereas we cannot always eradicate all stress from our lives, we can manage it in healthy, positive ways enabling us to tap into our personal potential and chose to enjoy life to the full. The choice is ours.

Common Facts About Stress

Stress Management

Whereas we cannot control the outer world, we can control our inner world. We can control our inner world with the choice of our thoughts, feelings and resulting actions. Awareness of our inner world is an important tool toward controlling stress.

Managing stress, therefore, can involve making changes in the external factors which confront you, or with internal factors which strengthen your ability to deal with what comes your way.

Total elimination of stress is unrealistic since stress is a part of normal life and indeed necessary to keep us alert. It is a part of our primitive conditioning. We can, however, learn to manage stress through techniques such as exercise, relaxation, hypnosis, meditation, time management, and support systems so that we have control over our stress and its effects on our physical and mental health.

How Hypnosis Can Help

A scientifically proven technique, Hypnosis enables you through a very gentle process, to take you into a state of deep physical relaxation where your own conscious, busy, active mind becomes quiet, calm and peaceful. In this relaxed, tranquil state, you are able to access your ability to accomplish your goal and find tremendous relief from stress.

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