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Hypnotherapy to Permanently Stop Smoking

If you are reading this page, perhaps you want to quit smoking and become a permanent non smoker, or perhaps you know someone that you care about and would like to see them become a permanent non smoker.

The reality is that if you are a smoker and would like to give this lethal habit up, and want to accomplish this through the power of your own subconscious mind with the help of Hypnotherapy, then you have to really want 100% to become a permanent non smoker.

If not, Hypnotherapy will not work for you nor will any other method what ever the promise may be.   The most important promise is the one you make to yourself in that you would like to once and for all kick this deadly habit.   And, let there be no mistake, this habit, this addiction is lethal and with every cigarette or cigar you smoke or tobacco you chew you are shortening your life with every drag, sniff or puff.

The other reality is that smoking, and it really does not matter whether it is only a few cigarettes a day or a couple of packs, regular, lite or even organic……… you need to look at the question of whether or not you have a death wish, because smoking is, without any doubt, a slow suicide by choice.

Are you coughing, do you have chest congestion, feel sluggish, have lost your sense of taste or even smell, in other words, feel far from optimum health, if this is so for you,  then the reality is these reactions to smoking will only become more intense as life continues.

This may not be the soft and gentle words you would like to read, but the truth is, if you are smoking you are, with each drag on this little roll of tobacco, ingesting poisons that are lethal to your body:   Cyanide (a deadly poison);   Formaldehyde (used to preserve dead specimens);   Arsenic (used in rat poisons);    And, so the list continues with many, many more lethal poisons that lace the tobacco in your cigarette.   Ask yourself would you drink a cocktail with these poisons, if not, then why would you inhale these with intent into your lungs allowing them to seep into your cells and body creating havoc and disease?

Call this tough love, but, if you want to quit this deadly addiction and are considering Hypnotherapy with Sallie Albertina, you must ask yourself  “Do I really want to quit?”, “Do I really want to become a permanent non smoker?”  “Do I really want to get healthy?”  “Do I really want to shorten my life by my own actions?”.  If the answer is yes to any of these questions then call me to discuss your personal goal and then let’s get started to enable you to become a permanent non smoker once and for all, and in so doing, find a renewed vigor, health and attitude toward your life.

Call me, with no obligation, other than to decide if this is the effective approach you wish to take to become once and for all a permanent non smoker.

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