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Areas Hypnotherapy can be applied are endless and include :

Hypnosis is especially effective with children

Hypnotherapy and Self-Esteem

What is low self-esteem?

Those who suffer from low self-esteem, have a poor self image and low confidence. People with low self-esteem treat themselves badly and, over a period of time, are unable to identify any positive strengths or good points about themselves.

If you identify with any of the above questions chances are you knowingly or unknowingly suffer from low self-esteem, the degree of which varies from person to person, with much of this depending on the initial cause.

More often than not, the initial cause for a low self-esteem comes from the conditioning received as a child. If constant criticism is inflicted on a child, if high expectations are imposed, if over the years a child continually experiences being ‘put down’ particularly in front of others, all of these factors can create low self-esteem from childhood into adulthood.

Whereas Hypnotherapy cannot erase or change the past, Hypnotherapy can very powerfully and effectively introduce a gentle process of regressing back to the past to retrieve the initial sensitizing event (ISE). In doing so, limited beliefs are released and removed to reveal a new positive self image establishing new empowering confidence and a positive self-esteem.

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