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Areas Hypnotherapy can be applied are endless and include :

Hypnosis is especially effective with children

Hypnotherapy Helps Pain Management

Physical pain is something all human beings experience during a life time. Although this is a global issue, in America alone, statistics report an estimated 50 million people are disabled to some degree by chronic pain.

Pain is an uncomfortable sensation either in or on the body that tells you something is not right. There are differing degrees of pain from Light to Moderate to Intense. There are differing descriptions of pain such as:

Incessant pain can often lead to insomnia, tension and stress which then intensify the pain.
There are many causes to the onset of pain varying from a small to severe injury, disease or illness and then, eventually, the inevitable aches and pains of the aging body.

Pain can also be “expected” with a visit to the dentist, for example, or a certain procedure at the doctor’s office, therefore, creating a preparedness for pain. In other words, the brain (the mind) will then give meaning to substantiate the pain, in so doing, muscles tense up, creating a physical tension. As a result, pain will be experienced and, most likely, it will be intensified.

Have you ever noticed how an injection is much more unpleasant when you are tense, but when you relax the muscle as well as yourself, the pain is minimal? The mind has enormous influence on how one deals with pain.

This is where Hypnotherapy can step in.

Through the powerful modality of Hypnotherapy, a deep, profound relaxation can be experienced to introduce a gentle process that can lead to hypnotic anesthesia or analgesia. This can then significantly and substantially reduce the level of pain, sometimes diminishing it to almost nothing.

Learning this process of pain management through self-hypnosis can bring enormous relief.
Hypnotherapy does not remove the underlying cause of physical pain, however, together with correct nutrition, exercise, orthodox and complementary medicine, pain can be successfully managed through this powerful modality.

For further information on how to manage your pain or to learn self-hypnosis in order to do so on your own, simply call Sallie Albertina ccht, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist to discuss this further or to make an appointment for a session in her Palm Springs office. 760 327 5927