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Relief of Insomnia through Hypnotherapy

Insomnia is a sleep disorder. Those who suffer with insomnia have difficulty in going to sleep or have interrupted sleep and then there are those who experience both.

Insomnia can evolve through many distractions such as stress, depression, anxiety, pain, physical or emotional discomfort, sleep apnea and even a stimulated mind. When insomnia occurs, if it continues it can frequently become a new sleep pattern which is why it is important to stop this disorder quickly.

Typically, when one suffers from insomnia, one wakes feeling tired, not well rested, sometimes even exhausted. Insomnia can be chronic or acute. Mild insomnia from time to time, for a day or two would not be considered either chronic or acute.

Over time, serious sleep deprivation can take an overwhelming toll on ones ability to function during waking hours, mostly because it can severely deplete energy levels affecting all physical functions as well as create devastating mood swings. But there is help.

Common Facts About Insomnia

Sleep Hygiene

There is help!
Introducing good sleeping habits, referred to as ‘Sleep Hygiene’, is an effective way of beating insomnia.
This includes going to bed at the same time every night; avoiding heavy meals before bedtime; a daily exercise program can promote improved sleep quality; avoiding stimulating foods, drink or activity just prior to bedtime; clear the stream of chatter in the head, bring a quiet calm to the mind; meditate; learn self hypnosis; have some hypnotherapy sessions to get started.

How Hypnosis Can Help

As a scientifically proven technique, Hypnotherapy enables you through a very gentle process, to enter into a state of deep physical relaxation where your conscious, busy, active mind can become quiet, calm and peaceful. It is in this relaxed, tranquil state, that your subconscious, with as few as four to six sessions, can be reprogrammed to overcome insomnia. During this process you can learn self hypnosis enabling you to sleep deeply, profoundly each and every night.

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