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Where are YOU? by Sallie Albertina

Your core essence is deep within you. When you connect with this inner part of your “self” you access the power of your subconscious, your Higher Self and in so doing can tap into an endless potential.

Most of us born into this beautiful planet, Mother Earth, search throughout life for fundamental answers such as: Who am I? What is my purpose? Not to mention the insatiable search for lasting happiness! Yet, all too often, the answers elude us which is why the continual quest remains in the horizon and, the reality is, the horizon always remains in the distance and so man’s quest continues.

Rarely, is the search for happiness turned inward to understand the true ‘self’, the inner core or spirit of who one actually is.

This inner core has qualities of enormous strength and endless potential. This is a natural state of higher consciousness. It is the route of all our yearnings, all our internal and external wanderings, it is the core essence to life itself and most importantly it is your core, your essence, YOUR life.

In seeking for that missing link to fulfillment and peace of mind the search, most often, takes us outside of ourselves. Material pleasures such as status, possessions, food, sex, alcohol, drugs and more can certainly give temporary pleasure and satisfaction, however, even if gratifying at the start, it never fully satisfies.

So, the quest and journey continues outside of ourselves frequently leading to excess in perceived solutions which, in turn, bring external manifestations such as substance abuse, addictions, weight issues, stress, exhaustion and eventual sickness from being ill at ease (dis-eased) and dis-connected from the core ‘self’.

Passing through this short life with the misconception that tomorrow, something or someone will bring inner peace, happiness and clarity is, indeed, a misconception.

Underneath life’s problems, underneath the frustrations, stress, anger, anxieties, illness, grief, feelings of hopelessness or unworthiness there IS an essence, an energy, a frequency waiting to be tapped into. This inner journey to the core essence reveals wisdom, guidance, solutions, healing, and with practice, and time inner peace.

This essence is in YOU.

Finding your core essence is not found externally, it is retrieved by going deep within, gently unveiling the layer upon layer of worldly experiences, expectations, conditioning and even ones personal traits. As you gently, dissolve the many layers and barriers that have accumulated throughout life, the weak, disconnected parts of your personality, can be seen in a new light.

With this light you can illuminate the weaknesses that have manifested limited beliefs, unhappiness, discomfort and negative emotions. Slowly, through your intuitive wisdom, you can learn to ‘see’ and connect with your inner core essence and learn to recognize and see it as a cradle of love, light, wisdom with endless potential.

As you reclaim your “self” you can transform your life. This is a process. A process that can bring about a transformation with positive manifestations opening your true self to the path of self-knowledge.

Inner healing, peace of mind and learning how to tap into your endless potential can be achieved with Hypnosis, initially, guided by a Certified Hypnotherapist. In a short time, YOU can learn to continue this joyous connection with your ‘self’ and enjoy self-hypnosis daily to bring an even greater fulfillment, peace and joy into your life.

Give yourself the best gift you can. Go within and learn to love and know yourself. This process is rich. It is rewarding. It is the path to return to who YOU really are. And, you are a beautiful unique soul with one life to live in this lifetime.



©Sallie Albertina