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Areas Hypnotherapy can be applied are endless and include :

Hypnosis is especially effective with children

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety & Panic Attacks

Many of us are living in a world of extreme stress and frequent anxiety, but the truth is, that every single human being experiences, at one time or another, some sort or anxiety whether it be mild or excessive. As human beings, we are programmed to be alert to stress and then to react, hopefully proactively. But that is not always the case.

For some of us stress and anxiety can escalate into debilitating attacks that can mean a variety of different reactions such as:

How can Hypnotherapy help  Panic or Anxiety Attacks?

Hypnotherapy can be a very effective tool in helping someone with mild or even a severe case of stress, panic or anxiety.

In mild cases, gentle reprogramming can bring enormous relief. In more severe cases, it may be necessary to discover the initial source or cause in order to be really effective in the therapeutic process of hypnosis using the power of the subconscious. See The Subconscious Mind.

Hypnotherapy can dramatically slow down the heartbeat, it can bring about a sense of calmness and relaxation, it can create a sense of peace, balance and tranquility and in so doing introduce a new sense of awareness to eliminate unnecessary panic or anxiety.

If one truly wants to move forward and away from the debilitating effects of the experienced attacks, Hypnotherapy can be a very powerful tool. With a good Hypnotherapist, one can find that the process of therapeutic sessions with hypnosis can provide dramatic results and a gratifying freedom from needless, debilitating panic or anxiety attacks.

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